Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Most Popular Blogs

Blogs are a great curiosity to me. Some of them have useful, current information that is posted in such a way that its authenticity can be readily verified. Lew Rockwell's blog comes to mind. If you want the latest news on Ron Paul, you'll probably find it there.

Then there are people who tell us they are blogging at a certain blog. Apparently these people are so much in the know about certain topics that they need an outlet where they can post comments as often as they like. Such people are on top of things and want to tell us their latest findings or thoughts.

A Google search on most popular blogs turned up a place called Technorati, which ranks blogs two ways.

If my priorities were such that I had time to spare, or if I were a more efficient worker, I would visit the ones that promised some measurable benefit, such as Lifehacker, which claims to tell you how to get things done. It's currently ranked number six at Technorati, the sound of which, by the way, reminds me of the animated Pixar - Disney film Ratatouille. My brain works this way when I'm not fully awake.

I'm familiar with animated movies because my grandson Preston watches them.

I hope to have a new article about Ron Paul's book "Gold, Peace, & Prosperity" finished by the end of the day. A link to it will eventually be posted on this blog. I doubt that will help its ranking.

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