Saturday, November 24, 2007


Amazon has released an electronic reader called kindle that has more one-star ratings than five-star ratings. Yet it is selling like crazy. Amazon is currently sold out.

Kindle is an electronic paper display that uses no computers, cables, or syncing. You can connect to the Kindle Store and download a book in a minute for $9.99. Currently there are 88,000 books available, including 100 of 112 NYT bestsellers. All new releases, including bestsellers, are $9.99, unless otherwise marked. You can download free book chapters before buying. Top U.S. and international newspapers are auto-delivered wirelessly. Some 250 blogs are updated throughout the day. You never have to find a hotspot because Kindle uses cell phone technology for downloading information. You can email Word documents and pictures to Kindle. Amazon keeps a copy of every Kindle book you purchase online. The display is alleged to be exceptionally clear and easy to read, and font sizes can be increased or decreased.

How does a writer get his book available on Kindle? How are books made Kindle-ready? Can I make mine available for under $9.99 and sell it from my web page?

I will research these issues.

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