Saturday, November 10, 2007

Amazon Review of Ron Paul's book

On November 6 I submitted a review of Ron Paul's Gold, Peace, & Prosperity to Amazon. Their policy is to publish accepted reviews within 48 hours. As of November 10 my review was unpublished, and I wondered why. Originally I described our current monetary system as institutionalized counterfeiting. Perhaps Amazon didn't like that. I also included quotes from the book. In their review guidelines they advise not using other people's words. Perhaps that advice included quoting relevant text.

I wanted to get a review out there because the book is worthwhile and one of the easiest essays to read about the history and nature of our government-managed banking and monetary system. So I revised my review and resubmitted it Saturday evening, November 10. It is 2:40 a.m. Sunday, and the review is already posted, yet interestingly it says the date of the review is November 6.

In my original reivew I failed to mention anything about Paul's position on gold, a gross oversight. I like the revised review better.

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