Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Jolly Roger Dollar - Synopsis

Late one Halloween night the White House receives news that the federal reserve chairman was killed when the biplane he was flying crashed on his farm in eastern Virginia. But it’s not the loss of their lord of interest rates that has the administration in turmoil – it’s the circumstances surrounding the tragedy that a certain web site,, is broadcasting to the world. Its home page consists of two captioned photos, both implicating the Fed chairman, that threaten to unravel the government’s monetary monopoly.

In one shot he is shown with a broad, inscrutable grin standing next to his 1941 gold-colored biplane, which bears the inscription "Barbarous Relic."

The second photo shows the front of his barn emblazoned with a huge mural depicting the moral status of the government's monetary system.

In the aftermath of the crash, the White House officially denies suggestions that the chairman was connected to a rebirth of gold. Behind the scenes, the administration schemes and maneuvers in an attempt to crush the barbarous relic uprising. The chairman’s ex-wife, an economics professor at a small libertarian college, suspects her former husband somehow survived the crash if only to see the government squirm to protect its fraud from exposure.

As the monetary movement gathers strength in cyberspace, the administration pushes ahead with a plan to control access to the World Wide Web by means of a monopoly web browser. All the usual browsers are quietly removed. Government’s Liberty Browser has replaced them, giving Americans a Reader’s Digest surfing experience. and its links are no longer accessible.

Unable to legislate hackers out of existence, government soon sees its beloved browser hijacked. For a few days thereafter, Liberty Browser provides access to only one site – the very one government sought to suppress.

As millions of Americans become acquainted with the idea of free market money, courtesy of an infected government browser, Wall Street panics. The big players have placed their bets. The future depends on a dying dollar. If government can’t stop the honest money movement, economic collapse is certain, they fear.

The fast-paced story builds to a climax that pits the entrenched forces of inflation against the champions of a sound dollar and competitive banking. With a plot that saves its biggest surprise until the final scene, The Jolly Roger Dollar, with unrelenting suspense and passion, shows how our plundered dollar is destroying the last remnants of our liberty.

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