Sunday, March 8, 2015

Snowden is not the story

John Naughton at The Guardian writes:

His was not some opportunistic smash-and-grab data heist, but a considered, informed selection of cases where he thought that the National Security Agency was violating the US constitution and/or circumventing its laws. Snowden was clearly no stereotypical left-wing dissident; he seemed closer to what US constitutional lawyers called an “originalist” – someone who regards the constitution as a sacred, inviolable document that citizens – and their governments – must continue to respect and adhere to. If Snowden were in the US today, I suspect he would be a supporter of Rand Paul.


The U.S. government responded to Snowden's revelations exactly as a gangster organization would. And a big chunk of the propagandized public went along with their supreme leaders.

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Don’t trust your phone, don’t trust your laptop – this is the reality that Snowden has shown us

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