Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stop the Gas Tax Hike

Here is what I sent my representatives in D.C.  I encourage you to do something similar by going here.

I know you're under a lot of pressure, but consider that any proposed tax increase, no matter how it's labeled or what alleged need it fulfills, is a catalyst for activism -- as you're now witnessing.  Your job is to represent the people in your district.  They don't want a tax increase.  They don't like taxes, period -- it's an American tradition.  Can we agree on that?  A tax, any tax, is an act of theft, and Americans don't like to be robbed.  Government schooling has convinced them that a good citizen must accept some taxation, but they will only tolerate so much.

No amount of political lipstick will make a gas tax hike attractive.  The money people are currently "saving" from low gas prices belongs to them, not government bureaucrats.  A gas tax hike amounts to nothing less than one more armed hold-up.  To repeat: No one likes to be robbed.

Make it clear to your big donors that their money will not replace a large majority of voters.

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