Friday, May 6, 2011

Commentaries on the Osama bin Laden Murder

Go to the usual mainstream sources for the triumphalism, etc., and the solemn memorials.  Here I present views that challenge the "correct" reactions and viewpoints.

In no particular order:

When Liars Murder A Dead Man - Becky Akers

Bigger Than bin Laden – America’s New Public Enemy No.1 - Gerald Celente

The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event - Paul Craig Roberts

Doug Casey on Obama Killing Osama Interviewed by Louis James

Why bin Laden’s Ghost Is Smiling by Eric Margolis

Osama bin Laden’s Second Death by Paul Craig Roberts

Ron Paul — "Osama Bin Laden Is Dead... Time To Come Home" (video)

The US Is Editing 'The Killing of Osama' Film by Jack D. Douglas

Show us the shooter by Pepe Escobar

Media Scrambles as Bin Laden Story Crumbles by Alex Newman

My Reaction to Osama bin Laden’s Death by Noam Chomsky

Dead Men Tell No Tales by jfl


Art said...

George, where are your views to be found?

George said...

Art, Government's nature and its long history have assured me it acts in its interest at my expense. Lying is as natural to it as breathing. There are so many unanswered or poorly answered questions surrounding the OBL death narrative that to believe it requires a level of gullibility no child would possess. What did it accomplish? It boosted Obama's rating and gave people hope that if government can kill a sick old man, maybe it can fix the broken economy. I doubt we will ever know the truth of what happened. What's important is that it is part of official government lore and a great many people believe it.