Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Title

A lot has happened since my last entry.

I decided on The Flight of the Barbarous Relic. Title choice is not trivial. Yes, Stephen King and a few others can get away with any title. I can't.

It is not a great title, by any means, but it connects with the story both literally and symbolically. And as my brother said, it has a higher street value than JR$.

It's available now on Amazon, for Kindle owners. I look at that page on Amazon and feel like I've reached a milestone. Anyone can upload any collection of bytes they wish to Amazon and call it a book. But it's still a milestone for me because of the work I've put in on it, and because I think it's an interesting read. Of course, no one will read it until I do a lot more work, but at least it's out there.

The prolog and first three chapters are available as a PDF download here.

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