Sunday, February 10, 2008

YouTube Videos

As part of my promotional efforts I've created some videos and posted them on YouTube. I've posted on YouTube before but my most recent ones are Keynote presentations promoting Ron Paul's run for the presidency. My latest one is called "Rocky" Ron Paul.

If you run the video you'll notice the score is not Bill Conti's version of Gonna Fly Now, the one from the original Rocky movie. I tried uploading it with Conti's, which I had purchased on iTunes, but somewhere in the process it was denied. The presentation uploaded without music.

I went to Amazon and picked a different version of Gonna Fly Now. It's decent, but lacks the power of Conti's. YouTube was happy with that. That's what you hear if you click on the embedded video above.

As an aside, I did succeed somewhat in uploading my presentation with Conti's version. I deleted the music background from the presentation and saved it as a high-quality movie. I uploaded the movie to iMovie HD, added the Conti background and saved it as a Quicktime file.

I uploaded the Quicktime version to YouTube and everything was intact. I call it test. Someone actually rated it - five stars. I'm surprised anyone bothered to view it. The music plays well but the video stutters terribly. It's unacceptable, and I'll delete it soon.

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