Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't Sign Up

As Justin Raimondo puts it, anyone "who joins the American armed forces at this point necessarily becomes an accessory to murder on a mass scale." If we were a non-aggressor nation, a military career would be no different than a career in some other line of work, "neither calumniated nor valorized in an unseemly way." But the U.S. military today is engaged in "unabashedly naked aggression."

The moral grounds for such aggression has a new element since the Coming of Obama: defending the rights of women and gays.
The mobilization of liberals behind a crusade to make the world safe for the American empire is a key goal of the War Party, and one way to accomplish it is to market the conflict as a war to rid the world of political incorrectness. That fits in rather nicely with this “gays in the military” campaign, which is being brought up at a pivotal point in the life of the Empire: the transition from the conservative Bush regime to an administration much more conducive to the left-liberal imagination.

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