Saturday, February 13, 2010

Audi vs. Apple

From Edward Hudgins at the Atlas Society, commenting on the gross dissimilarity between Audi's recent Super Bowl ad and the fabulous Apple Computer Super Bowl ad in 1984:
The Audi commercial perhaps was having some fun with what might seem to be just a few steps in the future if the logic of eco-cult is played out in our society. And perhaps in the future, when folks complain as new environmental restrictions tighten around their necks, they’ll say, “It’s like in that Audi commercial.”

Still, the car in the Audi ad doesn’t smash a repressive system as the Apple computer jogger did. Rather, it escapes repression by complying with the system. This is certainly a bad subliminal cultural message, and it’s shocking to think that a company would think such a message could enhance the image of its brand in a free and individualist society.
You can view Audi's ad here, Apple's here.

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