Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama = Bush + Gun Ban

Paul Craig Roberts writes about how Obama refuses to hold the Bush regime accountable for the civil liberties it took from us. Seems like Bush didn't do enough. While retaining the Bush crimes, Obama democrats want to ban firearm ownership, in violation of Second Amendment rights. The surest way to create crime is to ban something.

Criminals, of course, have no respect for law and will ignore the gun ban. Law-abiding citizens will obey it and become easy prey for armed criminals.

And when the criminals are armed agents of the state, they are helpless on a greater scale.

William Blackstone, the revered 18th century defender of liberty whose Commentaries on the Laws of England was a bestseller in colonial America, wrote that "the last auxiliary right" of free men is "having arms for their defense." Blackstone, England’s greatest jurist, said that the right to bear arms enables the "natural right of resistance and self-preservation, when the sanctions of society and laws are found insufficient to restrain the violence of oppression."
Roberts continues:
Police seldom, if ever, prevent a crime. Their job is to appear after a crime is committed and to investigate with a view to identifying the perpetrator. A large number of careful studies show that private gun ownership prevents far more crimes than police ever solve. Criminals are routinely deterred, apprehended, and sometimes killed, by armed private citizens.

In contrast, police, especially the notorious SWAT teams, accidentally kill more law abiding citizens than they do criminals. If anyone should be disarmed, it is the police. When police become militarized, as they increasingly are in the US, their attitude toward the public changes from protective to hostile.

Militarized SWAT teams have established a record of showing up at the wrong address.

In Maryland recently, a SWAT team mistook the mayor and his wife for drug dealers. A large number of armed men in black, and not identified as police, broke into the mayor’s home, killed the family’s Labrador dogs, and held the mayor and his wife spread eagled on the floor with loaded automatic weapons a few inches from their heads. Fortunately for the mayor and his wife, a local policeman happened by and informed the paramilitary unit that it was the mayor and his wife whom the SWAT team was terrorizing.
Government is and has been bent on making our lives miserable.

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