Thursday, December 6, 2007

Beth's Ron Paul Pumpkin

As late in posting as this is, it is still worthwhile.

Beth Gilleland and my daughter Kim are friends and former co-workers. For Halloween, Beth created a stencil of Ron Paul's face then carved a pumpkin from the stencil. The result was outstanding. Notice Ron Paul's initials running down the left side of the image. Not as clear in this picture is "08" running down the other side. The Ron Paul Campaign Staff had this to say about Beth's work:
That is AMAZING! It certainly brought a smile to our tired faces. Thank you so much. Please thank the artist from us too.
I have wondered what other comments she received about the carving. I also wonder what she did with the pumpkin after Halloween. I would find it impossible to destroy.

Standing next to Beth is another of her friends, who did a carving of Randy Travis.

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