Thursday, December 6, 2007

Amazon's Kindle

I discovered yesterday that authors wishing to get their work published in Kindle format can do so quite easily. At least, that's my understanding after looking over the process of submitting a manuscript electronically. There are no fees, no editors, no gatekeepers of any kind. Amazon pays you 35 percent of each sale it makes, based on the Suggested Retail Price you set. From the Terms & Conditions:
. . . we will pay you, for each Digital Book we sell, a royalty equal to thirty-five percent (35%) of the applicable Suggested Retail Price for such Digital Book, net of refunds, bad debt, and any taxes charged to a customer (including without limitation sales taxes) (a “Royalty”).

We will pay Royalties approximately sixty (60) days following the end of the calendar month during which applicable sales of Digital Books occur.

We are responsible for collecting and remitting any and all taxes imposed on our sale of Digital Books to customers.
A seven-page Getting Started Guide runs you through the process of submitting a manuscript. All you need is a manuscript people will want to buy for the price you set.

The information contained in this post is not widely advertised as of now. Until yesterday I thought only book writers published in print were eligible for Kindle publishing.

If I've misunderstood Amazon's offer, I'll post a correction as soon as I find out about it.

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