Sunday, February 28, 2016

Honoring Young Wyatt Pope, Cancer Fighter

After taking second-place in a qualifier wrestling tournament in Douglasville, Georgia yesterday my grandson purchased a T-shirt in honor of fellow wrestler, 7-year-old Wyatt Pope, who's doing battle with cancer.  I had not heard about Wyatt until my grandson acquired the T-shirt and formed a "W" with his hands and showed me the #wywystrong hashtag on his sleeve.

Wyatt "the Incredible Hulk" Pope #wywystrong
Wyatt is a second-year wrestler at Level Up wrestling center in Marietta, Georgia.  The son of Chuck and Carrie Pope, Wyatt has three brothers who also wrestle at Level Up: Gavin, Kaden, and twin brother Colton.  See this page to support Wyatt in his battle against cancer.

The "W" shows his support, as does the #wywystrong on his sleeve

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