Saturday, January 29, 2011

They harder they push, the harder we push back

"The surveillance state is now entrenched," writes Michael Edwards. "Free speech is set to be eradicated; and the Internet kill switch has been placed in the White House, while it has been calmly announced that world is indeed run by 'Globocrats,'  but not a conspiracy.  And yet we are aware of it en masse.  The alternative media, talk radio, lone activists, card-carrying organization members, and Facebook virtual activists are all something new for the managers of society to deal with.  This certainly has not been present in past closed totalitarian systems. 

"The dialogue is becoming heated to a point where the elite controllers seem to be worried about what they might have overlooked in their desire to predict and control mass populations.  So much so that they have engaged us, seemingly looking for a truce . . . or perhaps a bait and switch.  They have been pushed to the limit of revealing their structure and many of their actions because of free humanity's mass awakening.  They now want to have a role within our human world; a place where they feel that they very well could be excluded.  The new world being born through climatic and technological change is one that very well could be total chaos.  In such a world, the all-encompassing State has no role; the individual regains control over their own actions and solutions to the problems which lie ahead.  The worldwide protests taking place are a clear sign that individuals are feeling powerful even in the face of increasing threats.  Each form of resistance is communicated on a global scale, and serves as an example to others, building into a powerful force of solidarity.  The more oppressive the response by governments, the nearer to victory we are." (emphasis added)

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