Friday, October 2, 2009

A possible TIA

I recently drove 800 miles to Doylestown, PA to see if my 94-year-old mother would prefer living in the South with me and my family. As it turned out, there really wasn't a choice available. She's undergoing therapy -- reluctantly -- for a possible TIA suffered on September 16. (A TIA, I learned, is an acronym for a minor stroke.) My daughter Katie happened to arrive that day to spend a few days with her and ended up staying nearly two weeks to keep her spirits up while she recovers in a rehab facility. Katie plans to move up there in the next week or so to help her grandma out around the house - when she returns home again. She spends 99 percent of her day in bed, barely moving. Her mind is intact, thank goodness, but recovery is coming slowly.

Here's some video I took September 28, before Katie and I began the long drive back home.

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