Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time Magazine's Predictable Call

Isn't it curious that in the age of big government, big government worshippers get away with blaming every crisis that comes along on the severely hampered market, claiming with nauseating tediousness how the free market has once again failed and now it's time for government to step in and save the day? The same mentality views the interventionist Hoover as laissez-faire's hack, a guy who sat back and let markets drive us to the depths of despair, until we got Roosevelt, the king of big government, who saved capitalism by doing everything he could to kill it, who kept us mired in the Depression until he dragged us through a war that killed some 50 - 72 million people - depending on whose figures you believe -- most of them civilians. Conscripting and killing people is certainly one way to solve pesky unemployment.

And now we're about to enter the Age of Obama, whose frenzied supporters are imploring him to lead us through another hyper-interventionist New Deal, this time with tidal waves of green. It is sometimes said government never does anything right. Not true. Government is unsurpassed at selling itself as the remedy for all the misery it creates.

"The people and the economy can only wax fat and prosperous when their government is starved and puny." - Murray Rothbard, Repudiating the National Debt

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