Monday, April 7, 2008


About two weeks ago I was exploring ways to get my book listed on Amazon and discovered CreateSpace, one of Amazon's companies. CreateSpace has no upfront charge for posting a book and will even get you an ISBN for no charge. If you already have an ISBN, fine. I didn't.

I was able to upload my manuscript and have it accepted immediately because the specs (6x9") were the same as Lulu's.

The challenge was the cover. It took me three days of trial and error to get it accepted, but I like the results better than the one I made for Lulu. I'm not a layout artist, nor do I have software that lets me do anything fancy.

Once the cover and contents were accepted, I ordered a proof copy and it looked good. I signed off on it and first noticed its listing on Amazon late Thursday, April 3. It looks good. And it's posted at a competitive $16.95.

So, with CreateSpace as my publisher I've obtained an Amazon listing for my book, for no upfront charge. Lulu was unclear about whether they could get an Amazon listing, and they wanted $100 for an ISBN. If someone wants a hardbound copy, I'll have to order through Lulu because CreateSpace doesn't do hardbound books. At the moment I'm not concerned that I don't have a hardbound offering on Amazon.

On Saturday, April 5, I noticed the book had already sold four copies through Amazon. I don't know who ordered them, and I never will know because of Amazon's privacy policy. I just know it wasn't me. I'm pleasantly amazed at the quick sales. I would make almost nothing on any book I sold through Lulu. Under my agreement with CreateSpace, I make a decent royalty on each book sold.

I'm very happy with CreateSpace and Amazon.

If you really write well and have a way of marketing your work, you could make good money this way.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I'm looking at publishing through CreateSpace but I'm trying to work out what I should be making my list price.

If I want to sell more I am assuming that I'd make the price cheaper. If I wanted to make more of a profit, higher and so forth.

I guess I would be interested to know how many people purchase books in my genre and work out a 1 to .5% purchase rate for my book.

This figure could well be way off, but I am just trying to work out how many purchases I will get with how much royalty. This could then help me to establish the right list price.

If there are any other ways to measure how to list a book price I would appreciate it greatly.