Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Heroic Bradley Manning

A case can be made that to be a patriotic American in today's world is to defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. If that's true, what can be said about Bradley Manning? After allegedly releasing a video to Wikileaks that showed U.S. troops murdering unarmed foreigners, including two small children, Manning was held incommunicado illegally for 900 days by the U.S. government. Do most Americans care? No. Does the lapdog media protest? Of course not.

Paul Craig Roberts writes:

On November 29 Bradley Manning testified in federal court about his illegal confinement and torture by the U.S. government.  Manning's testimony was not covered by the US media.  The New York Times, in Chris Floyd's words, "contented itself with a brief bit of wire copy from AP, tucked away on page 3."

In contrast, the British Guardian covered Manning's testimony in detail in two stories 68 paragraphs long.
Given that most Americans regard the American military as the unflagging and courageous defenders of our "liberties," about our only possible salvation is the financial collapse of the government. When the day comes when it can no longer borrow money to pay the interest on money previously borrowed, a more humane society could emerge.

For more information about Manning's case, see

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