Sunday, March 9, 2008

Barbarous Relic Blog

Fortunately, the new 36-hour day allows me enough time to add another blog to my plate, this one devoted to "the world of monopoly money and central banking." The blog is part of my barbarous relic website.

I'm using Apple's iWeb to manage the blog, which so far has been satisfactory. It would be nice if it worked like this one, where all I have to do is click a button that says create post, then another called publish post when I'm done. Since I don't have a .Mac account, I have to FTP the updates myself. I use Panic Software's Transmit for that task. No real complaints about either iWeb or Transmit so far. I'm a big fan of easy-to-use yet powerful software that is low on bugs.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ordering prints through Apple's iPhoto

Yesterday (Tuesday) I decided to order prints from Preston's party and other events and send them to my mom in Pennsylvania. I selected 75 high-res photos and uploaded the order a little before noon. They were processed in California and flown to Memphis during the night. They were then flown to Philadelphia a little later. At 10 this morning a FedEx driver handed the prints to her. For less than $20, 75 photos of my choosing went from images on my computer to prints in my mom's hand in less than 24 hours. And I could've saved $6 if I had sent them standard shipping instead of express. The price per 4x6" print has dropped from 19 cents to 12 cents, and overnight shipping is $9.99. Don't these people know about inflation?

What a great deal.

Preston's birthday

My grandson Preston turned three on Monday, coincidentally the birthday of the great anarchist - economist, Gustave de Molinari. He had a party on Saturday and received some special gifts on Monday.

The monster truck moonwalk . . .

. . . was a big hit with the kids.

Testing his new bike, which has both front and rear brakes.

After doing a spin-out in his new car.

Beating granddad to the finish line.

I also took some video:

They made it

The cover looks pretty good, for the most part. But check out the margins below.

I have some work to do.

An early George Gershwin song from the musical "Miss 1917"

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